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Reviews and Deals

We have been down our share of trails. We have seen the best sunrises and sunsets. We have also faced some uncomfortable situations. Having the right kind of people with you is very important. The Peak Posse is that kind of people. We look out for each other. The type of gear that you have can be the difference between a good expedition and a great one.

This page is dedicated to the gear. I will provide links to great deals on outdoor gear. Plus we review our favorites.  

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I consider shoes to be the most important piece of gear to get right. I have worn shoes that aren't suited for me and let me tell you, it was a mess. My fun factor went way down while wearing them. Here are our favorites, plus some good buys that are available now.

Altra Lone Peaks are my go to shoe. Jose and T also choose them.  Now is the time to save on last years model. 

When I'm backpacking long distances, I like the midrise version of this shoe. Here is my reiew of the best shoe on the planet.

Joseph Prefers the Altra Timp.

He likes the snug fit around the midfoot compared to the Lone Peak

Aaron likes the Hoka Speedgoat. It has great cushioning for longer days on the trail.

Apolo chooses the Columbia Montrail.

He likes the fit and support they provide. Plus the longevity of the shoe.


Pants are a big deal. You will be stuck with a pair for days while out backpacking. You will be moving constantly and need a pair that moves with you. The ability to wick water, keep you cool  while providing protection are factors to consider when picking a pair. 

For years I was a Kuhl Deceptr guy. I really like those pants. Recently I tried a pair of Prana Zion slim fit pants. I am sold on them. They are more comfortable to wear, they are light and wisk water well. The only drawback is the longevity of the Kuhls might be better. This is also Aarons choice for favorite hiking pants.

Tanya's favorite pants are the Prana Halle. She has found them to be very comfortable, lightweight and moisture wicking. They work great when hiking but also for anyone working outdoors. She wore them while working as a postal carrier for many years. 

Jose likes the conversion pants/shorts. He likes the ability to switch from one to the other. It's important that they move with you, are lightweight and wick water. He didn't specify a brand so I found the pair with the most positive reviews to give you a good starting point.

Other Gear

I am not super picky when it comes to Trekking poles. I have the same pair that I purchased years ago. I looked on Amazon and found this pair. They have very good reviews. If I was inclined to buy new ones, I would go with these. There are more expensive models out there, but why?

A good water filter is a must. I used a pump type filter for a couple of years and was not impressed. My wife got me this gravity filter for my birthday and I am very happy with it. I fill up the bag, hang it up and attach it to my nalgene. It is that simple. 

I bought this little stove right away when I started backpacking. It works really well, it is small. I will use it until it wears out, and then, buy another one. It's been four years and not a single complaint. Plus it is inexpensive.

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