The Dirty 200

The Dirty 200 is a year-long challenge. It's very simple, hike 200 miles outdoors during the year. We believe that the best way to get into hiking is to hike. That's how it started for us. We attempted South Sister on a whim, it humbled us. It also started us down many trails since. Hiking is a door to adventure and a great way to take care of yourself. You may start hiking your 200 miles around your neighborhood and end up scaling mountains. The most important first step is a literal first step. We have a custom patch made each year to celebrate the accomplishment. 


The places we have seen

Last summer we found ourselves at the summit of Mount Whitney. It was the culmination of many years and miles. The Dirty 200 could be the beginning of your adventure stories. Get a few friends to join you and who knows what will happen. 


Chillin' on top of a mountain

Jose and Joseph on the summit of Mount Adams. This expedition would not have happened if we had not started at some point. We hope the Dirty 200 is the start for you.