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2023 is looking good!!

If you have an itching for the outdoors and want a little company.

Hitch your adventure wagon to the Peak Posse. Here is what is in store for the upcoming year. First, we have Winter Meal on the 21st of January. This is our traditional gathering where we nominate and vote for our Trio of Expeditions for the year. This year is loops year. If you have a great loop trail that would make for good times, join us at the meal and nominate it. You will be given the chance to present your expedition and then answer questions about it. Once all the nominations are in, we vote. The top three get the honor of being or Trio for 2023. The location for the meal will be given soon, we are still figuring out where to go. 

We also have some other great trips planned. Aaron has turned forty and requested a forty in a day trip. He likes Timberline Trail. We are going to make the loop in 24 hours or less in celebration of his birthday. What a grueling, fun time that will be. 

We attempted Mount Shasta last year and the wind held us from the summit. We are headed back up in 2023 to give it another go. That will be exciting. 

We are also looking at Mount Hood, Mount Thielsen and Mount Washington summit attempts this year. Plus you already know we are going back up South Sister again, for we climb it every year, a Posse Tradition. 

We are headed into our fifth year and I wouldn't mind revisiting some of the past Trio destinations for those of us that haven't earned the patches for those locations. We can keep that discussion open throughout the year. 

We are also going to get into the Enchantments lottery. A multi-night expedition would be a great way to see this place. I went on a daytrip last year and it just was too fast to appreciate the splendour of the Enchantments.

As you can see, we have a full dance card already and it's only January 2nd. We welcome you if you are new to backpacking. You will find a very nice group of people with many years of experience. Email me at for more info. 


The summit of Mount Adams from Pikers Peak

Schedule of Expeditions and Events

Winter Meal --January 21st

Silver Falls Loop--TBD

Strawberry Mt Loop--TBD

Maple Pass Loop--TBD

Mount Shasta--TBD

The Enchantments--TBD

Mount Hood--TBD

Mount Washington--TBD

Mount Thielsen--TBD

Timberline trail in a day--TBD

South Sister--TBD

A whole slew of other cool Places--TBD


The Posse on Middle Sister

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